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Wasted Nights
Curtain Call x Hurricane


-Bred by First Take Genetics
- Mate to Reserve Grand Iowa State Fair Gilt 4-H Show

Called Up
Curtain Call x Hurricane (Hurricane 61 mate sis)

One of the stoutest featured, widest chested, biggest ribbed boars with shag you will find.

Curtain Call x Hurricane (Hurricane 78 mate sis)

• Full sib to First Draft at Moyers
• Littermate to Lights Out at Crossroads
• Rip, just like his namesake in ‘Yellowstone”, is BAD ASS!

Honest Truth
Dirty Secret x Hurricane (Hurricane 78 mate sis)

A short bodied, wide chested, big backed good looking Dirty Son.

Freak Show
Freak x See My Point x Outta Reach

Mother made Champion Middleweight Gilt 2017 Iowa State Fair
Grandma made 5th Overall Barrow 2017 WPX

Hurricane "78"
Hurricane x Best Man (Wedding Crasher’stoutest Mate sis)
$200/Dose - Please call for Overrun Prices

• Cross

• Crazy stout skull with a studly jawbone
• Big feet with big legs
• Size of his tail root is very impressive
• Spread of dewclaws is very good
• He is shaggy haired!

Zebo (Best Man x No Fare) x Best Man
$100/Dose - Please call for Overrun Prices

• Cross

• Lined up Best Man
• Very exotic and wild front end
• A Changer
• More elevated but still short backed